Before and After Photoshop

There is a lot of negative press today surrounding the use of retouching models in magazines with photoshop and in this article I will try to explain why photographers need to enhance and retouch images.  My primary reason for retouching images is to make them more commercially viable and pleasing to the client.  Its has to be said that the fashion magazines go a little overboard with retouching photos but they are trying to enhance the product they are selling through a visually amazing image that will get your attention. So yes I agree with the fact that what you see is not what it looks like in real life and you need to take this into account.

Below is an every day example of a before and after photoshop image showing you the steps I go through to create images people would be proud to hang on their wall.

In most general portrait session we have very limited time and working with inexperienced models so retouching is just part of the every day process for the studio photographer.   Retouching as been used in the trade going back to the very first photos created by man.   The art of dodging and burning, blurring, sharpening, filters, and manipluation is something that a photographer would do in the darkroom and today the same tools are now available in software and we still use the same names for each process.

First step is general cleaning up the image to brighten the background and lighting subject.  Skin is softened very lightly and highlights added to the under eye areas to make the face more natural looking at the harsh studio lights can highlight things that distract the eye.  Finally a clean up of the hair to hide fly away hair and a subtle lighting of the eyes and teeth.   While this is very minimal retouching to the eye the time and skill photographer put in the creating images.


The image to the left is as taken from the camera and the model here has had professional makeup applied.  Combined with some high key lighting and our light retouching in photoshop and also OnOne portrait enhancement tools we end up the the pleasing result to the right.

At Studio Waterside we provide makeover parties for teens, hen parties, mother and daughter makeovers which all include a professional makeover with studio style shoot including retouch of the best images you have chosen during your photoshoot.

For the best possible results and a great experience for a makeover have a look through our web site for more examples and get in touch today to book your makeover party.